How to Discipline Your Kids without Yelling

How to Discipline Your Kids without Yelling

No yelling in the house. This is our rule. Even when my husband and I argue, we agreed to do it without yelling. Many couples yell when they argue. These parents also yell at their kids when they’re angry or upset. But they don’t realize its effects. So, how can you get your kids to listen to you without yelling or raising your voice?

Why they won’t listen

I don’t believe that kids are being disobedient or rebellious when they don’t listen. But why are they ignoring us? Think about it. It’s like there is a professional chainsaw running at home and no one can hear you over the noise. When we’re in the middle of doing something important and our kids asks us to look and pay attention to them, we don’t respond immediately. So, when your kid doesn’t seem to listen to you, try to get his/her attention and do it with patience.

Find a way to get your kids to comply with your rules or requests in a gentle manner

To get your kid’s attention, walk to them as you would do in your office with fellow employees. This is a respectful and a much better way to get their attention rather than yelling. Also, stoop down at their level and then speak to them softly and kindly. Since you’re right in front of them, they’ll definitely respond because they can’t pretend to not have heard you. You’ll be surprised that your children are more likely to give a positive response when you’ve shown them respect.

If you shout or yell to get your kids’ attention, you’re going to have to shout every time you need to get their attention. And what’s worse is that when you’re angry and you yell at them, they’ll do the same when they’re upset. This is why many children shout at their parents. They’re very quick to absorb and imitate what they see. Be a model to your children. This is the best way to discipline them.

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