Don’t Let Grandparents Spoil Your Kids

Don’t Let Grandparents Spoil Your Kids

Most grandparents have the tendency to spoil their grandchildren. And the reason is simple — it makes them happy. However, you’re the one who have to deal with cranky critters when your parents leave. So, you want to ensure that your childcare philosophy is in practice when your little one is with your mom or mom in-law.

Here’s how you can keep grandparents from spoiling your kids and how you can get them to follow the rules you’ve set for your children:

Lay down the rules

Let them know the procedures if the eletricity goes out and they need to bring in the reliable portable generator to restore order in the house. Your parents or in-laws shouldn’t give treats that are choking hazards such as popcorn or candies. Of course, they’re concerned about your kid’s safety, but sometimes, they get lax about it because they want to make the kids happy. Lay down the rules. If they say it is okay for children to enjoy this or that, cite authorities like your child’s pediatrician, dentist, psychologist or other professionals to support your rules.

Kindly ask for their cooperation

Tell your parents that you’re establishing your authority over the kids and that you’ll appreciate if they cooperate by teaching their grandkids to obey you. Talk to your parents or in-laws and acknowledge that you appreciate their lavish love for your kids, but you’ve set some ground rules in the house. Also explain why you came up with those rules and ask for their input.

Let some few things go

If their spoiling is relatively minor, rethink whether it can really affect your kids’ safety or behavior. If they respect your sacred rules, try to be flexible on some things. Remember that they’re making good memories with your children, and this is beneficial to your kids.

Take a firmer tone if your parents still don’t get it after your respectful conversation. However, only do this when their behavior is already causing chaos at home. Remind them that they also had rules when they were still raising you. It’s now your turn to set the rules.

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